Awards Recognize Publications/Presentations Made in Multiple Forums, and Patent Application

I’m pleased to report recognition and award to a number of individuals as part of our program for rewarding patents and publications as reflected in P&C policy 157. The objective of this policy is to encourage employee invention and publication efforts, in support of our Vision and our Business Model.

The latest recipients are:

Brett Wink, John Ray and Kamal Shah for the publication Converting DCP LNG into a Bidirectional Facility, presented at LNG 18 in Perth, Australia, in April of this year;

Kamal Shah, Eric Browning and Prabal Saxena for the publication Tackling the Issues with Pipeline Gas Contaminants for LNG Export Facilities, presented at the Canada LNG Export Conference and Exhibition in May of this year;

Ashish Gupta and Alan English for the publication Process Design Overview for the Upgrade of a Natural Gas to Methanol Facility, presented at the Gasification and Syngas Technologies Council, Vancouver, Canada in October of this year,

Matt Reeder, Blake Roberts and Kamal Shah, for the publication Mid-Scale LNG – A New Reality, published in LNG Industry Magazine in November of this year;

And Kamal Shah for a patent application on Removal of Benzene from the feed to the LNG production/liquefaction of lean natural gas with presence of trace amount of benzene in February of last year.

These publications/presentations and the development of Intellectual Property demonstrate the talent and collaboration of our people, enhance the IHI E&C brand in the market place and help in providing values to our customers and shareholders.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, we congratulate these individuals, and thank them for their hard work and expertise. We also encourage everyone else to bring their ideas forward.  As we have shared in our seminars on the creation of Intellectual Property, there is a defined process that can begin as simply as sharing your idea.  We look forward to supporting many more papers, publications, and patents, in helping IHI E&C make a difference – to our clients, shareholders and the world at large