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hse safety moments

Elba Team Issues HSE Appreciation Awards for HSE Safety Moments

The Elba Liquefaction project recently held its latest round of HSE Appreciation Awards, reflecting the project’s HSE stand – Team Elba – One Goal – Zero Harm, and its commitment to safety, in the office, on the road, and in the field.

Highlighting the importance of providing good safety moments, the following individuals were recognized as Safety Moment Presenters: Davetta Anderson, Ben Ayyar, John Boyd, Keith Carter, Ileana Cimino, Luis de las Cuevas, Matt DeLong, Bill Esposito, Roberto Gallego, Don George, James Hixson, Frank Hoagland, Brent James, Eric Kahre, Randy Littlejohn, Terry Muir, Karen Roettele, Cherian Thomas, and Rocky Thompson.

Recognizing the importance of Fire Wardens, the following individuals were celebrated: John Craft, Larry Jacobs, Terry Mourer, Dinesh Patel, Glorimar Sepulveda, Cherian Thomas, and Jack Williams.

First Responders recognized were:  Shawn Goodwin, Darlene Keen, Matt DeLong, Dinesh Patel and Cherian Thomas.

Manny Sanchez and Donna Vidrine were recognized for leading in the important category of Safety/Near Miss Observations.

Presentations and recognition were part of a presentation by Elba Project HSE Director Jonathan Barfield.  Jonathan emphasized the importance of thinking zero harm, and said his definition of success when it comes to HSE and safety is – No one gets hurt.   “It is important for the team to focus on HSE execution and achieve an industry standard HSE record,” he said.

Project Director Keith Carter thanked all those recognized, all who contribute, and stressed the importance to the overall safety effort of making safety and near miss observations.   “To deliver the extraordinary, we need to be as good as we think we are, and then better until we perform the best we possibly can, individually and collectively,” he said.  Keith stressed Communication, Collaboration, Commitment, Client Satisfaction, and Culture.