Cryogenic and Low-Temperature Storage

For more than five decades, IHI has built a reputation for providing innovative solutions to the global liquid terminal and cryogenic storage industries. IHI has constructed hundreds of cryogenic and other low-temperature tanks, spheres and vertical vessels for storage of products such as LNG, ethane, LPG, ethylene, ammonia, liquefied industrial gases, and many others.

Over the years, IHI has pioneered original designs and construction methods that yield both cost and schedule savings for its customers. This experience and methodology, coupled with the access to world-class fabrication facilities for critical tank components, makes IHI the ideal partner for your cryogenic and low-temperature product storage needs.

IHI E&C, a wholly-owned subsidiary IHI Corporation, now brings the IHI reputation and experience to the Americas.

Cryogenic and Low-Temperature Tanks

IHI has constructed over 130 cryogenic tanks of all sizes and containment types in locations around the world. We are a world-leader in the design and construction of LNG storage tanks, including some of the largest above-ground and underground LNG tanks in the world. We also have experience building tanks for the storage of LPG, ethylene and other products.

Our expertise includes:
  • Single, double and full containment configurations (including concrete-on-steel and steel-on-steel designs)
  • Innovative membrane tank systems
  • Above-ground, in-ground and underground tanks
  • Seismic design
  • Leak detection and containment systems
  • Top works (including platforms and in-tank pumps)


IHI and our global affiliates specialize in the engineering, design, fabrication and erection of spheres for the storage of a wide variety of products, such as propane, butane, iso-butane, pentane, iso-pentane, LPG, ethylene, propylene, ammonia, methane, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and various petrochemicals (such as VCM).

We have experience supplying spheres compliant with ASME VIII Div. 1, ASME VIII Div. 2 and EN 13445 specifications, as well as with our clients’ own specifications and with local regulations.

We have supplied hundreds of spheres for projects around the world, including in the Americas, since the 1960s.

Vertical Vessels

IHI also has experience in vertical vessels for the storage of such products as LNG (small-scale), ethylene and liquefied industrial gases.

Global Tank Team

We have a Tank Division dedicated specifically to the design and construction of cryogenic and low-temperature storage solutions. Our Houston-based tank team collaborates closely with IHI Corporate subject matter experts in Tokyo as well as other IHI affiliates around the world to jointly execute cryogenic tank and related projects globally.

Our Houston-based team includes seasoned tank experts who have designed and constructed numerous cryogenic tanks, ASME spheres, vertical vessels and other API tanks around the world and who are knowledgeable in the relevant design codes and construction practices required to make these projects a success.

World-Class Fabrication Facilities

IHI and our affiliates own and operate world-class fabrication facilities in Europe, Japan and throughout Southeast Asia with which we are able to fabricate high-quality and cost-effective components for cryogenic and low-temperature tanks, spheres and vertical vessels.

Innovative Design and Construction Strategies

To ensure our clients continue to receive the best value from IHI, we have developed innovative approaches to tank design and construction that allow us to reduce cost and schedule while staying focused on safety and productivity, including:

  • Use of larger plates for the inner tank to reduce the level of construction and inspection activities required in the field
  • Use of the double-blocking concept to reduce the level of construction and inspection activities required in the field
  • Simultaneous execution of work on the outer tank wall and the base slab to reduce the project schedule
  • Use of our proprietary Jack Climbing Method (JCM) technology to reduce schedule, increase safety and optimize efficiency during construction


Beyond our full-service tank offering, IHI also has expertise in the design and construction of all aspects of associated export and import liquid terminals, from pretreatment to offloading.

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