The Challenges

We provided all detailed engineering, major procurement and construction (EPC).The new GTG has a nominal power production of 164 MW at the site-average ambient air temperature. The HRSG produces about 560 K lb/hr of 1,500-psig steam, operating unfired.  We prepared for the future installation of duct burners in the HRSG to allow supplemental firing resulting in roughly 560 K lb/hr of additional steam capacity when fully fired.



  • 0.76 lost-time incident rate
  • Excellent results from audits by client’s external consultants
  • On-schedule performance in engineering and construction
  • Advanced quality control, safety and project controls techniques
  • Approximately 1,500 activities scheduled with critical path method and logic ties
  • Lump sum strategy
  • Man hours: 159,000 home office; 496,000 in the field

Project Description

Location:Baytown, Texas, U.S.A.