The Challenges

We provided design basis development, basic engineering, detailed engineering, procurement and start-up support to expand the gas processing and NGL fractionation capacity at the client’s existing facility in Eunice, Louisiana. Plant expansion included basic engineering of the existing refrigerated lean oil extraction plant and two cryogenic expander plants, one of which was designed for 95% ethane recovery from the inlet gas and NGL fractionation facility.

The process study also included the Dow Chemical UCARSOL™ treating unit evaluation for CO2 removal from the ethane product, existing equipment evaluations, additional equipment requirements to meet future change in feed stock with increased throughput of 100 MMSCFD, new two-phase pipeline hydraulics and the cost estimate for additional equipment to eliminate the plant bottlenecks.

Gas plant revamp detailed engineering for the work included:
  • Fractionation column revamp for capacity increase
  • Refrigeration system (propane) expansion
  • Steam system revamp
  • Cooling tower addition
  • Amine unit addition
  • Propane treater/dryer addition
  • Various vessels, exchangers and pumps added for capacity expansion
  • Plant flare and thermal oxidizer debottleneck
  • Complete modernization of the plant and advanced control implementation



  • 40% increase in capacity

Project Description

Client:EnLink Midstream
Location:Eunice, Louisiana, U.S.A.