The Challenges

IHI E&C designed Gas Processing Plants 5 & 6 as part of Phase III of PETRONAS Gas Berhad’s Peninsular Gas Utilization (PGU) Project, which processes natural gas produced in the fields offshore of Terengganu.

These grass roots gas processing and NGL fractionation facilities consisted of  twin cryogenic expander plants and two NGL fractionation trains. The plant extracts over 90% ethane and over 99% of propane and heavier components from the inlet gas using a high-ethane recovery process developed by IHI E&C.

 In addition, the design also included:
  • Acid gas (CO2) removal using BASF-activated aMDEA® (activated Methyldiethanolamine) process
  • Mercury removal from the inlet gas stream
  • Molecular sieve dehydration
  • NGL treating
  • Inlet condensate stabilization
  • Ethane, propane, butanes and gasoline separation
  • Refrigerated and pressurized storage for different products
  • Environmental and utilities design


IHI E&C’s scope included pre-FEED, FEED, overall PMC and commissioning support.


  • 1,000 MMSCFD net sales gas capacity
  • 200,000 bpd NGL fractionation capacity
  • First-of-its-kind design for high ethane recovery (developed by IHI E&C)
  • Four-year project duration

Project Description

Client:PETRONAS Gas Berhad
Location:Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia