Contractor Management

IHI E&C’s commitment to, and demand for, excellence in HSE, performance beyond the norm, and accountability extends to any contractor we employ. In line with this commitment, and in order to meet our client’s business needs, our contractor management requires all contractors meet high standards of performance from an HSE, financial and quality standpoint at all times.

In order to maintain these high standards of contractor management, and ensure we fulfill on our commitment to clients, IHI E&C has partnered with ISNetworld to continuously monitor and manage our growing database of global contractors. ISNetworld will qualify all of IHI E&C’s contractors, ensuring they meet our standards of HSE, quality and financial performance.

Any company that wishes to be considered during IHI E&C’s contractor service selection process must subscribe and maintain a subscription to ISNetworld. There is a fee associated with subscribing to ISNetworld. IHI E&C believes the benefits to both parties will far exceed any associated costs.

For more information on ISNetworld, please contact them using the information below:

Phone: 1-800-976-1303