Global Procurement Services

We promote and practice open communication among all participants to meet the demands of the project schedule. Our procurement team works directly with the client, engineers, designers and vendors to verify documentation and purchase equipment. This cooperation is essential to ensure that materials are delivered correctly and on time.

We provide a full range of global procurement services, including:

Global Procurement & Contract Management

Purchasing Materials


Material Control



Delivery Confirmation

Document Control

Vendor Management

We have an extensive network of qualified vendors and a constantly growing global database at our disposal. We are able to procure equipment, materials and services from around the world, drawing on the expertise of international and local procurement professionals who are knowledgeable about local markets and their applicable regulations.  This global reach ensures that we procure the highest-quality equipment, materials and services for our clients at the best cost.

All of our vendors are rigorously pre-qualified to verify their reputation, past performance and capabilities in their fields. We insist they meet our high ethical, moral and fair practice standards and hold them to the same exemplary safety standards as the rest of our company.